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Waiting in the wings, ready to save The Treacle Mines, and the world too is Captain Mack.

You can visit him too at his very own website.

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ROSIE MITTON is the daughter of Ike the blacksmith. Some folk think she’s a tomboy and maybe she is but she’s loaded with common-sense and sharpt as a pakin stirring stick so she’s a great girl in a crisis. Or in a treacle mine. She's spends a lot of time roaming the moors around Sabden, looking out for something new and interesting, sometimes along with..... BILL WIZZLE the Chief Treacle Sniffer. Bill is responsible for tracking down new deposits of treacle in the mines, using his gifted nose and his Treacle Tracker (a sort of divining rod). By nature, though, he's irresponsible for just about anything. He's friendly and gentle and you could call him ‘a child of the new age’ – but ‘dozy hippie’ would be more like it. So he doesn’t always get on with… TAPPER KNOWLE ...Head Mining Engineer. Solid and foursquare northern mining stock, Tapper is a blunt character who speaks as he finds. If he spoke a little later and looked a little more carefully, he might find something completely different but that doesn't botherTapper. For all that, he's a decent bloke and if he’s sometimes more rude than blunt, his friends forgive him and his enemies find it safer not to mention it. He also doubles as the local traction engine driver, and spends a lot of his time on the care and maintenance of "Bessie", his beloved 1906 Armthwaite-Bulling. It weighs in at 16 tons – so you don’t get many of those to the pound. PROFESSOR BAINES-PILLING: A not altogether dotty professor, Baines Pilling (or "Prof" to his friends) is quite often not all together. But he’s clever. He’s the inventor of the treacle-powered infernal combustion engine and a walking encyclopaedia of scientific knowledge, useful and otherwise. Another thing he’s good at is annoying Tapper since he’s as wooly as his 1947 cardigan and Tapper’s as sharp as a self-tapping screw. They often meet up at the famous Bubble and Boggart Cafe, so the job of keeping the peace often falls to its owner... LEYLAND LIL. The café is the principal rendezvous and watering (or, anyway, ginger-beering) hole in Sabden. An optimistic rough diamond, Lil knows everyone in the village, and everyone knows her. They also know her parkin, which means the clientele tend to stick to the ginger beer. Still, she always has a welcome for her customers that more than makes up for the cuisine and if she doesn't know what's going on in the village, it isn't going on. She’s married to Charlie (4’4” in her high heels) and sometimes she gives him a chance to say as much as “Er…” BRENDAN, you might have guessed, hails from the Emerald Isle. He might even have a touch of leprechaun blood in him. He’s production manager, chief bottler and sweeper upper of Silas Mitton’s ginger beer bottling works and so laid back he has to have the seat of his pants re-soled once a month. THE BOGGARTS … are something else – and nobody knows quite what except that they’re the busy, barmy, burping and badly-behaved…things that live in the treacle mine. They eat up the treacle chippings. They eat up the treacle walls. Give them half a chance and they’ll eat your boots – as long as they’ve got treacle on them. One of the young ones – Bert – tacked himself onto Rosie so that he can enjoy causing mischief in the village as well as down the mine.